Take it from the Top

This post was originally posted 03.10.2010 migrated to wordpress 03.17.2013

Well, from the top I guess would be from the first bar.  No, not the one were refreshing beverages are consumed and fun is had by all.  The first bar in a score.  On the up or down beat, where the first emotion begins.  No matter the key, no matter the signature, no matter the instrument…  Take it from the top.  Well, the top will come soon.  We will begin with the now (I guess it’s all the now, as I’ve come to understand, as long as it is in memory or you are dreaming of tomorrow, it’s now)…

Before getting into the swing let’s set the stage.  I’m a musician,  I’ve played guitar since I was 5 years old, as well as, the Snare Drum, the Trumpet, The Violin and the Piano.  Currently focusing on Piano, Guitar, and Violin.  Like most blogs, these feelings and thoughts are true.  Any embelishments will be noted at the conveinence of the Authur (me)
Like most of my life, things seem to come out as a dream.  Being raised in a country where this (at one time) was encouraged, I tend to do just that.  Reach for that dream…

I haven’t always been the best at chosing friends, until the last decade.  Only in the last month have I realized just how many very good friends I have.  My current state of mind is, how do you say?, Lost.  Current state of Heart is, Broken…  so, this may verywell be a way of working thru both and or maybe a work in progress that will bring light into, not only myself, someone that just may need a hand up…  Ok, works for me…

Having many influences in music, I will share a few very close friends that do just that.  I will set the record straight after this about something but first, and foremost My friend Mark Schmidt, Always in my heart, his wife Brenda, both have been very close to my heart for most of my life.  Both Outsanding carriers of Faith in God and musicianship beyond compare.  A Friend I’ve made on the new in recent years Hanspeter Kruesi (Switzerland).  I’ve never met him in person only via the net and on video thru his “online guitar school” http://www.hanspeterkruesi.com/guitarschool .  outstanding musician and an inpiration to me that keeps me going.  Curt Mitchell, Personal Guitar Trainer (as I call Him) a true friend and has been a true mentor and keeping various styles alive, not just in me but in all things Guitar.  Vince Gates, Excellent Musician,  Currently in the Band Eclipse (Pink Floyd cover band) Bass guitar.  A True brother in the sound and loved friend. 

There are many more but… along with figuring out how to start this blog and linking it to facebook…  It’s late, I’m sleepy.  Before closing this installment the thing I need to set straight.  My very close and all my friends.  I am horrible at keeping in touch.  I spend much time in my mind and you are all there.  I love you very much and without you I would fall to the point of not being able to get up again.  What I’m saying is… I do think of you often and relive every moment, along with living what can be.  I will try to open up a bit more but I have to work thru some stuff.  I must do this on my own, my own way.  I know all mean well with “you know what you gotta do’s” and “forget about that, just do this”… I know the meaning is well, but If i don’t work it out it will never work out…  Speaking of working out,  the gym… dag… comes out of my account every month… I really need to start going again…

With that… Peace to thee…  Be well…


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