David… Is that You??? Where’s david???

original post 07.24.2010

Sitting in my Studio the other day, playing on my Line 6 amp, trying to dial in tones.  I discovered a tone like I heard on Floyd’s Division Bell.  This intreaged me so I dug into my collection and found it. Wow, I was blown away…  Album released 16 years ago, still is one of the most beautiful Gilmour has put out to date.  After listening to the album, more times than should be allowed, many times, I pulled in memories from then and deeper…

David Gilmour has been a part of my life since I was a young teen.  So in my 47 years of playing I’ve sometimes wanted to play like Gilmour, but not like him in the same sense…  In the current state of affairs I’ve been listening to some ol’ tunes to see if I can catch some glimps of sanity.  Depression doesn’t look very good on me and many of my friends and most I do business with expect me to be upbeat and most think I really don’t have a care in the world.  I was talking with one of our clients and opened up a bit and she was blown away.  She felt that I handle everythign and seem to put all issues no matter how dishoveled the situation has become, somehow I put even the most frantic at rest.

Drifting on the slow rolling melodies and filling my mind with the stories…  It’s all so revealing.  All so wanting.  I can feel the same chills and breath the same wonder with every note from back when I hard it first.  And like a fine Wine, it seems to get better with age… (or is that cheese?)  Then I seem to drift back into the pain that is so embeded it seems to tear at every bit of fabric in my being.

I heard a voice today.  A Voice of a friend that is so much an influence in my music, I was set back to tears… I could feel the concern but did not want to push it so it was a “Hey You”, and when you are better please call.  The pain of my physical state and my severed heart strings are almost overwhelming, untill I hear the voice… I heard a voice today… I wanted to drop everythign and just go say hey man, I’m sorry I’m such a dick and dissapeard.  But when the ones you love and the ones that you know love you see you in a state that is so burried in pain and saddness it even digs you deeper into a kind of depression  that is almost to much to bare.  I Love music more than anythign in my life… It’s the blood that keeps me breathing, it is what I am…  I was reminded today…

David, what were  you thinking when those notes flowed so sweetly from your guitar.  Were you in that moment so much that the world around you was only a dream and the sound was the only real thing that was allowed to exist.  So much your life, you share this to bring reality to those who seek it.   Thank You Sir for the reality that is what makes my world.  Now, If I could only pick up my guitar and make the sound that is in me…  I dream it, and now and then I even catch a glimps in a short dream with my Guitar in my hands.

I only hope my friend and Mentor understands… I am returning to the sound, I am because I heard a voice today….


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