God Bless Bonnie…

original post 04.08.2010

Last night, flipping thru the channels I came upon a program on a Premium channel on the cable network.  For over Two decades I chose not to watch Television (commercial or otherwise) for various reasons, mostly because it was just boring.  Recently, I decided to hook up to cable tele, mostly because of the INTERNET access is pretty fast.  My flat mate has the super flat panel HDTV in the living area, which is mostly used for sporting events and PS3.  Not really that much in to either so I have a Tele in my bedroom.

Back to the program at hand… It was a Music Hall of Fame program where bands and musicians brought into the Hall were performing.  I remember a time when on Friday nights my Pals and I would stay up late and be riveted to the tube when “Don Kirchner’s Rock Concert” would come on.  We would rock out for an hour then spend the rest of the night, sometimes till the sun came up, talking about the band that was on that night.

“I’ve had bad dreams too many times,

to think that they don’t mean much any more.
Fine times have gone and left my sad home,
friends who once cared just walk out my door.”

I almost switched the channel but was mesmerized by the memories of CSN.  Then David Crosby introduced a guest performer to come out.  The Great Bonnie Raitt!  Ok, the remote went to the table and the feet went up on the bed.  She started to pick and I knew instantly what the song was.  “Love Has No Pride”…  Miss Bonnie Raitt has been a huge part of my life.  I remember when she came to light, That voice, the guitar style, the way her hart would bleed to the world.  She really has something to say and she would change the lives of many with a song, and she did…

“Love has no pride when I call out your name.

Love has no pride when there’s no one left to blame.
I’d give anything to see you again.”

Surly changed my life at a time when it needed changing.  So what’s so different now.  I surly need a change.  Then, wait, there she is again… Bonnie, singing that song…  Songs are in a moment, hanging in a moment for a lifetime.

“I’ve been alone too many nights
to think that you could come back again.
But I’ve heard you talk: “She’s crazy to stay.”
But this love hurts me so, I don’t care what you say.”

Ahhh Bonnie, this song reels thru my heart.  At a time when I’m so deep in emotion, just like before.  At time when I thought the sun would never rise.  A time when I would just stare at my guitar, how could I pick it up much less play.  As is now, lost in thought.  The sun rises as I stare at my guitar in a stand by my bed.  Will I ever play again…

If I’ve ever needed to do anything more in my life it’s music, perform, from the days of cruising the school dance, never dancing, just groov’n to the live music.  Friday Night Rock Shows on TV, then Hitchhiking up the coast to see bands play in the park, unpacking my trusty 6string at the wharf in SF.   Wait… One of my most favorite was when I heard Bonnie Play Live.  I remember the song… It was an Angel singing about an Angel.  Holding close to my heart that one day, a performance, a performance that would hold that moment forever.

Thank you Bonnie for keeping this in my heart.  God Bless the life you’ve shared.  I for one have felt the pains and joys of life thru song.  Yours and many others.  I can feel the songs reeling thru me, I can hear them in my head, as when I was a teenager, never went anywhere with out a guitar or something to play.  It’s time, but something is blocking… Gravity?

There’s just something about it…  Maybe soon…


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