It’s Been A Long Cold Winter

original post 05.25.2010

Mostly, winter time is a time of creation for me.  Traditionally I’ve been able to write not only stories but music comes to me.  This winter, not really longer than any other, as winter has it’s time, we may have a colder spring but winter is winter.  This winter seemed to be longer than usual.

Times change, this is the way of things.  Some change, however, seems to be unbearable.  Almost so deep in the heart you pray for something to just take you.  Dark or Light it really doesn’t matter.  Then something inside comes up.  The reeling maintains and,  it’s on!  Want to leave but wait…  There are “things” to be done.

If it would just warm up…  Feet frozen since last September.  Please O Please, Mistress of Spring, show your mysterious Vail.  Bring pedals of beauty and bless me with warmth.  Bring my heart back to life so the song can begin, rolling tones on a dream that only I can see. Melodies that bring tears to us in our time…

Summer… Summer time…  It’s time for the beat to step up to the beat of the heat of desert winds.  Strum, Long and short beats of the summer pace.  From hot and moving air, to cool waters.  Where friends lay foundations of memories that will never die…

Through change comes growth that brings life to all things.  So why am I so stuck!  This is making me crazy!  Why can’t I stop thinking about her?  Why the deep sadness that almost begs for the Cancer to take me.  Please Take me!


Can you hear it???

Clear it…  Quiet the mind.  Think of that sound…  That sound that moved your soul.  Moved it so deeply your emotions could not be contained.  All things flowed around and thru you.  The breath taken just before you knew you would live that moment forever…  This moment would live forever, because of a sound.  Weather you created this sound, or it came from a stage carved from stone on a high mountain.  Breath that deep breath, count the heart beats…  Ahhh hah, the color, yes there are colors in every tone.  The entire experience brought back.  Live it… Now it starts to flow… a new sound… Almost like a dream, it’s all new…  You’ve been here before, but it’s different.  The sound is crisp, euphoric.  Quick and snappy.  It changes at will.  Life blood of sound breaths thru our minds.  Combining memories with present time.  Just when all seems lost, it all comes together to a rolling smooth rhythm.  The beat, steady, syncopated imitations for nature, reeling it’s struggle to survive…

Winter… It’s been a long, cold winter…  It’s all coming back to life, the warmth is coming.  The song is alive.  Some things that change will, in me, never be forgotten.  The love for and the strive to create music will never leave me.  The Love for a girl that will always live in the heart will never, ever leave me.  And this is how great songs, sonnets, ballads, portraits are created…  It’s also how lifetime friendships live beyond this planet…  Truly, Music, and Love (same to me) Never Die…  Ever…


Been  A Long Cold Winter…


Note:  The reference to Cancer.  I have Cancer.  I do not in any way want to disrespect my brothers and sisters that are afflicted with this disease.  It’s a battle that can be won.  However, We all win our battles in different ways.  Some of us are blessed with leaving behind a condition to far gone. Some fight so hard, they beat all odds just when it seemed impossible to win.   Please understand, it was intended to bring an emotion.  I can’t honestly say I have not felt like I would like to leave this planet.  However, I would like to do it peacefully and healthy.  Please Pray and love all that are in the fight.


One thought on “It’s Been A Long Cold Winter

  1. Reblogged this on Adventures of a Reluctant Musician and commented:

    I was pulled to this this morning. I’ve never done a Reblog Post so this is more an experiment, however it applies to some degree. This was another long winter for me, and my feet are still not thawed, and I’m still in love with all of it! I get cranky when my feet are cold. If you have already read this apologies, if you haven’t I hope you enjoy… Peace…

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