Old Dog, New Tricks?

original post 06.03.2010

The old adage, “You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks”, does not apply when it comes to music.  This is my humble opinion of course.  Even though, for the last three months, I’ve been on some freaky emotional sabbatical from playing.  I have recently started picking up my studies.  Music in general, mostly guitar, but I am pickin it up again.  The past few years have been focused on learning to read while playing, “Sight Reading”. Not really sure why I am so compelled to do such a thing, but I am.  Started taking piano lessons again and thru a good friend in Carson City, turned on to a cool site called sightreadthis.org.  My Guitar coach in Carson “Curt Mitchell” a great and accomplished musician, has brought me far in playing by ear and finding patterns.  Having a passion to learn as much as I can I also searched the web for learning.

Online Guitar Lessons are everywhere, from 2.99 a month to 29.99 a month.  There are lessons for all levels and in every style.  Finding the right place though is a lesson in itself.  Playing for 47 Years you would think, “why do you need lessons”?  Well, Lessons are a life time adventure when it comes to music.  As In life you can always learn something.  Oh, you could adhere to the old adage of stubborn old ones that are not in the mood to step up.  Doesn’t mean they can’t learn…  I’ve been online with this school for almost 2 years.  Hanspeter Kruesi’s Online Guitar School.  Hans (or HP as he is called) is a kind and dedicated soul.  The music he produces is healing and glides thru many genres.  You can find HP’s produced music on iTunes, Most Excellent.

I’ve come to a place in study that is focused.  This is the hardest part of music study, no matter what instrument you play.  The many excuses that are used to keep you from study is where “you can’t teach and old dog” really comes from.  If you’ve picked up an instrument and then find yourself having an excuse for not playing, you are doing yourself a grave injustice.  There is always time for music, just like Jello… There’s always room for jello… Hmmm that sounds good.. Oh, sorry… got a bit side tracked.

HP can bring you thru the hurdles of study as he did with me.  He communicates well, though English not his first language he communicates well.  The Compassion for music and bringing it to as many as he can is amazing.  He also teaches at GuitarTricks.com, where he as been a valued instructor for many years.  HP has many techniques that can help bring you to speed fast.

Myself, I’m coming up on 53 fast.  Just a few weeks off actually.   I’m still learning much in music everyday.  I will forever be in the mindset that I can learn.  Some think the hands and the mind slow down as we age.  Well this is just not true.  If you fall into this way of thinking then forever you will slowdown.  This is not an option for me.  Nor should it be for you… So, Be that old dog if you will.  But be the old dog that learns and teaches.  The world can never have to much music!

Be Well…


If you wish to check out HP’s Online Guitar School you can go to http://www.hanspeterkruesi.com/guitarschool  check out the beginners gide.  This school is for all levels.  If you want to pick up the guitar and play. this would be the place to go.


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