The Heart Of It

original post 01.05.2012

Ahh, to write.  For the love of it, for the passion, to bring ones self to terms.  It’s what we do.  Throughout the ages, since the first story, song, sonnet.  The writer brings to the reader, the listener the audience a vision of what it is he/she is bringing to mind/heart/soul.  The variations are endless.  With a Melody or one standing in the park, the story is told, with one line or a novel.

Personally I write from the heart to touch the heart.

So, here we are a few days into the new year. So much happened last year it’s almost to much to mention, or I can’t remember, I’ll letcha know when I figure it out. The weather has been kind and many old friends have come back into my life. I think the only real thing that is on my mind that has come to life this last year is, The Lord. God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit is so alive in my it’s so wonderful. This has brought so much to music in my life it’s amazing. I wish all my friends could feel and experience this
I named this blog “The Adventures of a Reluctant Musician” as kind of a catch phrase. I think about this, and think of a time in my life where music was a distant dream. At that time I felt I was not the musician I could or wanted to be. Then I started to feel was it really worth it. I had friends and just folks that heard me play say that I was very good. I was not convinced in my self. So at one point I thought I would hang it up and just work out my life and just be. Hmmm. That never happened. I just kept playing and working toward the dream of Music. There was a part of me that would nag at me and say it would never happen. I now know what that was. Since I’ve given myself to God to serve and be alive in the spirit, I have a new look on music. I’ve always been a part of music, and my path has been just that. Thru Music God works many things. Stay tuned for this story line.

I gave some thought about changing the title of this Blog, but what would I name it. “the adventures of a ‘not so’ reluctant musician”? I don’t think so. I’m think’n I’ll leave it… Remember these are stories built around truth. Of course embellish but that is what makes is so fun… there’s Love, Adventure, Sadness and Happiness, Spirit. And of course there is this Girl… there’s always a girl. The one that makes your heart sing, the one that makes it all worth doing.

Well, that’s about it for this one. Just kinda setting up future Adventures. I have a pretty cool outline for this year. Last year was kinda mishap but it’s really coming together. Look for every month’s edition of “The Adventures of a Reluctant Musician” Love you all… Peace…



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