I was pulled to this this morning. I’ve never done a Reblog Post so this is more an experiment, however it applies to some degree. This was another long winter for me, and my feet are still not thawed, and I’m still in love with all of it! I get cranky when my feet are cold. If you have already read this apologies, if you haven’t I hope you enjoy… Peace…

Adventures of a Reluctant Musician

original post 05.25.2010

Mostly, winter time is a time of creation for me.  Traditionally I’ve been able to write not only stories but music comes to me.  This winter, not really longer than any other, as winter has it’s time, we may have a colder spring but winter is winter.  This winter seemed to be longer than usual.

Times change, this is the way of things.  Some change, however, seems to be unbearable.  Almost so deep in the heart you pray for something to just take you.  Dark or Light it really doesn’t matter.  Then something inside comes up.  The reeling maintains and,  it’s on!  Want to leave but wait…  There are “things” to be done.

If it would just warm up…  Feet frozen since last September.  Please O Please, Mistress of Spring, show your mysterious Vail.  Bring pedals of beauty and bless me with warmth.  Bring my heart back to life so the song…

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