Sometimes It Rains (just a little)

This tune has a very special place in my heart. Not only did Carol and I do this on the fly, but we basiclly recorded it as we did it, one track, one take at a time, as usual, the drums were designed all other parts were played by me.  I love playing and performing with Ce Ce (Carol).  Her Passion for singing and performing Live only surpassed by.. Ummm, only nothing.  She had the moves the voice  the everything for the sound we wanted to put out there.  Oh, why are we not still playing???

Hmmm,  Life happens, she had a surgery to deal with. Her Son needed his Mother.  She is doing well, She’s in love and doing very well.  Her Surgery was a bummer but she’s getting better.  The love in her life is just what she needed, after the crap she went thru with a few others…

What’s funny is we were trying to write a Country Song.  It’s no secret I Love Country Music.  However, stuff like this just keeps pouring out of me.  Lately I’ve been writing Country Stylings along with some Acoustic Rock…  So it comes back round to music.  Everyday, with my eyes catching the start of a new day, the first thing in my head is ♫ a song, so begins this day with another song…

Sometimes It Rains, came to me sometime before we actually put it together and in it’s current state it’s not really done.  But like with most songs about life, when is it really done?    Just when we put our hart and soul into it, everything we’ve got, the ball of wax.  It starts to rain, and did you bring an umbrella?  Well, I don’t wanna give up the ending on it before it’s really done but sometimes we need a lil rain on our face, get a little wet.  Ever smell the air after a cool rain in the evening after a hot day.  Yessur, it’s sure a relief.  And that’s all I gotta say about that.  However this indeed will be the last song I release before it’s complete.  I now have what I need to begin recording again.  Sometimes it Rains just a little, back your hart down thru the middle… and you’ll work so hard just to make the sunshine…

I wanna thank a fellow blogger  James L Revels III  Composer for bringing many things to mind.  He stumbled upon “They Shine” and posted it on his blog.  He will find original tunes out there and posts it on his blog as Eargasms with those Tonic Scales… 🙂  ya know, he’s the First to get my handle.  I have had that as an email and handle for over 20 years and …  well, I must say Mr James is quite the composter… there are a few tunes on his blog. I may post one if  it’s ok with him but I’d rather have y’all go there and follow his works.  Music is truley more than just sound,  it’s that, that brings us all together in one form or another, whether it’s jammin, listening, Dancing (one of my fav’s)… nothin like a two step to make new friends!

So it’s Sunday Morning… Turn it on… Turn it up… and sing along.. Cause this is Country Music, We do… American Music!  the way I figure it, If you’re playin it in America… It’s American, you could be from another planet… You’re Still in my yard… So Rock On!!!

Peace…  God Bless…


3 thoughts on “Sometimes It Rains (just a little)

    • It is very cool. And this Kat can Compose some Sound as well. I hope is to help build a Community of Composers and it looks like there’s already a huge community, and like I had dreamed, they are kind and share. The Love for music is alive and well here… this brings more joy than you can imagine… I really enjoyed composing with CeCe and with You, Coley and an array of other Artists present it was a collective energy that made it awesome! So we all Rock! 🙂 Peace and Thank You…

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