As I Listen…

As of late I’ve been in much pain.  Physical pain…. Mostly I pray thru the pain and it takes me to a place I can deal with it, but for some reason I’m paralyzed by the raging in my body.  Mostly I could pick up my guitar and play thru this time but as of late it’s just to intense.  In prayer I was guided to listening.

When I was young I was very, let’s say, uppity.  I had a teacher that would amaze me with her teaching so I was usually very good but as kids do I would just lose it… (makes me laugh just thinking of those times).   I remember her grabbing my face, not hard, just to get my total attention.  She said to me,  “God gave you two ears and one mouth, why do you think that is mister?”  of course I said I don’t know cause I was really kinda scared.  “To make sure you use your ears more than your mouth, listen more and talk less”…  I got it…  If I remember right I was an A student in that class after that…  What a great memory…

So now I’m 41 years older and she is still in my mind and heart.  Back to Listening.  I plugged in the mp3 player with some old recordings I’ve been working on for some time and some semi finished stuff and found myself immersed in this and found myself calm and only when I thought of it did the pain return.

Sound, I’ve always thought of what I play as a gift from God and have wondered if I would be given the gift to play to help heal others in pain or suffering in all areas.  Physical, Spiritual, what ever.  I’ve listened to much music and feel it all.  I know the sound I like and it makes me feel good or what ever way I want to feel.

Recently I’ve been united with my Brother Ron.  A fantastic Musician,  however he had an accident and severed his hand.  it was re attached, however it was not like before.  Being of the same blood and belief in God and Sound, and even though he was told he would never play again he suffered thru many hours of pain to play, fulfill his destiny, if you will.  He still plays how well we shall soon see.  It’s been way to many years (over 15 years since I’ve seen my Brother.  He will be helping me along with my Brother Rob in working with my body to heal from this Cancer and during this we will play… I remember years when we were kids, we would play.  I started to teach him and he took that one and ran.  He was soon a far more technical musician than I…  I was proud and would hope to compose with him someday.  this day may come to pass soon… I pray it does…  I’ve always believed in the Brotherhood of the Sound…  It is our true gift from God…

So as I listen to the music of my making and of some very close friends Like Hanpeter Kruesi, he composes in Switzerland, I have found a place to lose this temporary state my body is in.  There is still much work to be done…  But it is being done… Praise God it’s being done…



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