Serenity is Back!!!

This is more than a great thing, this is the one thing that made my heart soar.  As it turned out she was take from me whist in a homeless state.  With the help of my dear friends and an over the top travel, she was returned to me unscathed.  A new set of strings and we’re making music once again…. The song Serenity (The Road Home) was the first song written on her…

To my most awesome friends Ace and Susan, Ace being a Brother since we were like 7 years old, retrieved her form her captors and drove to this desert and returned her to me.  Now that’s a Brother….  Thanks to you guys for taking the time and Money to return her to me.   You are forever in my heart as Hero’s.  Well you were before but this was over the top!  I’m so Happy!!!

She is also the Guitar you see me with most of my pics….  Just thought I’d tell the world!!!  I am Loved and I know it… I will return this favor in on way or the other!!!



3 thoughts on “Serenity is Back!!!

  1. Glad you got Serenity back but I gotta tell you, you had me hoping for something else and then my hopes were dashed when I found out you weren’t talking about a certain SciFi TV show…

    • Oh now you’ve made a forever friend… how do you thing she got her name…. 🙂 LoL… ok admittedly I thought it was kinda corny but, I love that show… Have the series, the out takes, the movie and copies of the script from the pilot… Umm.. yeah. I dug the show.. the concept was perfect in my opinion and as a former Trekkie, it could have gone there for sure…

      Oh and sorry bout the disappointment.. but she is an awesome guitar… 🙂 Peace…

      • Yeah….that title song always, and I mean always, gives me goosebumps. Heck, even as I’m writing this reply, the song is playing in my head and the hairs on my arms are standing up! Oh to only have a big fat bank account to bankroll a revival…

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