Sometimes it Rains… Dreams Begin…

I’ve been dreaming much as of late, and last nights dream just kinda kicked it all into perspective with me.  For a very long time I’ve been just mentally wondering around dealing with this Cancer Thing.  I say “Cancer Thing” because after speaking with some of my friends in this area (ok, big parentheses here regarding my friends. I mean I don’t put my friends on any different level or respect or love any one friend more than another, there are just some things some of my friends are more, lets say, knowledgeable in, and I respect that…  so there… )  Oh, yes, anyway…

I was speaking with my friend in North Carolina, who I regard as pretty knowledgeable in spiritual areas and healing.  I would talk to my friend in Florida but I still don’t have her number… (eh hem)….  🙂 ok enough silly.  Now I have massive faith in God, and I’ve been enlightened in his Glory.  I also believe in believing in ones self, Be still and know I am God…  and there is the “Law of Attraction”…  After many hours of council and reading and meditating and praying on not giving energy to this Cancer, I found I’ve been doing just that…  Giving this “Cancer Thing” power over all of my energy, over all my life.  Not that I doubt that I can heal the self, heal the body and mind, but that’s all I think about, “The Cancer Thing”

The “Law of Attraction”.  Here’s the deal.  We hear that our reality is what our attention is focused on.  This leads us into shaping this reality a certain way.  This is often a mind-led desire based sense of lack.  So if everything is consciousness and therefore the outer world is shaped by what we’re being within.  But desire is still associated with the lower densities, as is denial, which locks fragments of soul consciousness into materiality.  You can intentionally bring your attention into the higher realms of consciousness through meditation for example, but unless you’ve harmonized the various flows of energy throughout your body, then you’ll simply be sucked back down again at some point.

Sound, Harmony, Dream, Love…  In order to leave slavery one must surrender.  This is what I did last night when I lay down for sleep.  I was very tired, but I needed to do something.  So I surrendered, and fell in to a deep sleep.  I fell into a dream that left off from the dreams I’ve been experiencing for the last few weeks.  This ongoing dream is getting more, let’s say a very clear vision.  I recognized the beat to “Sometimes it Rains”, my guitar was crystal clean, then Carols voice was surreal and I was walking thru a park.  This park could have been in New York, Kansas City, Nashville, it was everywhere and all surrounding…

I met this girl that I’ve been meeting in these dreams walking through this park.  I then go into my vocal lead on the song “Sometimes it Rains”  I was walking around this tall, girl, Sometimes it Rains just a little… Then my good friend Christine was singing the “you can start it again & again” (ok, after all it is a dream) part of the song… Then the song faded, the spinning feeling of going around in this park subsided and I was sitting on a bench with a person that was neither man nor woman.  Actually I didn’t feel that was even a part of it, it didn’t matter.  All I could feel was pure love.  Sitting on a bench in a park with green on green grass and trees.

This Being of Beauty reached out and touched me and I could feel it as if I was wide awake and spoke.  “Sometimes it rains, and these tears are cleansing you.  You’ve surrendered, this is your healing, your fears are not real, now forgive…  forgive…”  and I drifted off to what looked like an apartment I lived in in Lake Tahoe.  This is where I started writing many songs over 20 something years ago, where I really started to feel like a musician.  Where I could play for hours and hours and people would come and go.  Some would come just to listen and then go and I would have no idea how many had come and gone.  I wrote the song Tribute there.  Pat put in a few lines in that song that worked really well.   I started to hear the sound of my Guitar, this deep droning with underlying melodies.  My Brother Rob and Ron were there, Ron was playing and Rob was writing,  We played for what seemed like hours…

I’ve written most of these  dreams and will post them later and will elaborate as these dreams are very detailed and very colorful.

On Facebook I receive many posts on my home page as I have many friends and have liked many pages.  From the Hippy Loft I saw this awesome Pic with the caption, “Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do your fears”  Don’t know who coined that phrase but it was what I needed to see right when I needed to see it.

Ya know, I’ve been many places on this planet.  Some were most beautiful, some kinda smelled funny, but no matter where I was I could always feel the energy of the people around me.  I knew I was safe, (ok, in some of those places I had a loaded M16A1 Rifle but we won’t go there).  I’ve always looked at people as I walked by and would say Hey.  Some smiled and some didn’t even put there eyes on me.  I’ve been in the streets a time or two and have peered into empty soulless eyes, shared smiles and laughter mostly but the ones that are empty have always scared me somehow and now I know why.  Fear…  The fear that I might wind up like that, a man leaning on a wall hungry with no soul…  I since of lost that fear, this is not my destiny, I Am Loved!  I am Free!

So to create this inner self Alchemy and allowing me to heal, there are things that must be done…  Surrender,  Sensitivity, Intimacy, Softening and Expansion.  Now is that all there is?  Well I could do Yoga or another form of meditation but all of these come in most if not all forms of mediation.  Everything is consciousness, surrender your desires for reality to be a certain way…  Be Sensitive, respond to how you are feeling,  even if that’s pain. and surrender that pain…  Intimacy, sensitivity leads to higher inner intimacy and start to explore the “what is”…  Softening, in exploring ‘what is’, there’s a sense of softening into this vibration, unwinding any tension or tightness…  Expansion, when you’ve softened into that particular experience, you’ve ‘pulled the thread’ of revealing consciousness and begun to watch it unravel, then it’s about allowing the expansion to happen through you.  Praise God!  Giving thanks and asking God for total healing is a huge part of Expansion for me.  And this is just the beginning!

So for the most part this is that last time you will hear me speak of or let that “Cancer Thing” have power over me.  I know there are a few that have Cancer that read this blog, to your brothers and sisters, I implore you to release this hold you are allowing.  You will choose what ever method of  treatment and how I’m working thru my experience is the way I choose.  However, release it’s power over you, help yourself help your body.  By this I mean with the most powerful thing there is, your words,  when you say, I have cancer, guess what?  You give it power over you.  It’s your mind/choice that determines the outcome of your life.  Live it!

Sometimes it Rains just a little… Yes it does… Rain Cleans and soothes soul.  To loose your fears is a feat to be true, to deny that would be an exercise in futility.  However, you can loose your fears and live your life to everything you can imagine…  Give your energy to your Dreams, Give thanks to God and watch Miracles happen!

Y’all be cool… Till next Jam…


The Beginning…


3 thoughts on “Sometimes it Rains… Dreams Begin…

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    • Thanks, we gotta walk the walk right. Stand by for total transformation and healing. Thru the spirit of God, the foods here, along with total prayer infusion… I’m Batman! 🙂 Love ya!

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