Sum-Sum-Summer Time!

the jamies

The Jamies

I’m sure you remember this rolling tune, by The Jamies, that brings in the full feel of this season of WARM! Summer Time!!!  Yeah!  Oh don’t get me wrong I love winter…  Actually, I like to come up with tunes, songs, melodies, you know, with a cup of hot chocolate, kick’n it and watching it snow…. but then that’s for winter… Summer is time for putting together those tunes, melodies and songs.  Time for shorts on sunny days in the park with noodle salad and watermelon, smiles and kids dancing in the sprinklers…  A Happy Time…

English: Original oil painting by Pappi, 2008.

Well, I guess you can have happy times any ol time of the year but there’s no happy time like, thawing out your feet in the sun.  Yes, yes, taking the table chair out to the yard and watching the sun sink behind the desert mountains with a guitar in your lap singing to the glory of God…  Sing to that girl…  That girl that will always remind you of Summer.  Her hair could be red or blond or black.  Her name could be Rebecca or Ohhh… Any name that will cost you plenty to have tattooed on your back…  Yes, I’m talking Summer!  Ok, Ok, I know it’s not officially Summer but in the desert above Las Vegas it sure feels like it.  So it’s a bit more sultry here in Pahrumph Nevada, above Las Vegas.  So I when I think of summer I think of it more like Janis… You know JJ… Joplin!  One of my childhood crush’s… Damn I was in Love with Janis!

Life is good…

It won’t be long till I leave this great plain above Las Vegas for the cool coastal areas.  Ahhh, the coast of California…  I take a minute to remember and then dream about what is about to be… But then that’s a dream…  I love to dream, I love to remember long walks down the coast… A few days in Pismo to heal from blisters from that walk…  Pismo sounds good… Oh The songs that were written, and the songs that are about to happen…  I Love to Dream…

Ok Y’all…  Give thanks for what you have and yes even the challenges that you may face, as they are a wake up call for you to pay attention…. And Groove on this Adventure…  I’ve said it before, so I have to say it again…  If you don’t have a guitar, go buy, borrow, or sit close to one in the park and listen…  Play, there is a song in everyone, sing it, play it, and write it down.  And then share it, there may be someone that needs to hear what you have to share…

Be Blessed!


Groove Yeah…


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