Dream in a Dream…



Dream in a Dream… But it was so real….  Like a Vision…

I was in a seaboard town working in a restaurant.  I’m pretty sure it was my restaurant. Not necessarily a seafood place, but a nice place just the same. My Daughter Jenn (in my dream she was my Daughter but she was married to my son at one time) came in to ask if we were going to the movies (I say we meaning Jenn, Carley (Granddaughter) Gabriel and Israel (Grandsons)). I told her I will be ready shortly and will meet y’all at the house but go ahead and make up some food for you and the kids.  Jenn then started to put together these beautiful plates and started helping me with the orders coming in.  It seemed like an eternity but was only a few minutes really and I said to Jenn, “you are far better on presentation than a I and if I could pay you enough I’d love to have you here as a Chef.”  She laughed and said, Yeah right dad I gotta feed my chillins, I’ll see you when you get home, Carley is really excited to go to the movies with you.”  I said, “aren’t you going?”  she said “no I have a date.”  I looked at her with that look that dads give and said, “oh really, what’s his name and when will you be home.” then I chuckled, “have a great time I love alone time with my Grand Kids, Thanks Jenn, I’ll be home in a few…

Suddenly I was preparing back up food for the next day and my under chef told me to go home and have fun.  I thought, Yes, fun, fun with my Grandchildren…  I got home and was dog piled by my Grand kids, Jenn was leaving and told the kids to be good for me as she was darting out the door.  Next thing I know we are at the movies and then back home, (I must have been board with the movie) Carley said as I was driving home, “grampa Stevo, I think I’d rather hear one of your stories than go to the movies, that movie was very boring.”  From the back seat Gabriel spouted up and said, “yeah grampa Stevo, please tell us a story.”  I guess I’m some sort of great story teller so I agreed.  We got home made up some pop corn, Carley, Gabe and Izzy were in PJ’s ready for a story.  Carley was under my right arm and the boys (Gabe and Izzy) under my left.

I’ve been many places on this planet, some great some not so great.  I’ve shared my experience with my Grand kids (sometimes I have to key it down a bit) and I guess these are great adventures for them.  Huh, now that I think of it they were all adventures to me as well…  I could see where they would dig these stories.  So off we go!

“So have I ever told ya about the hidden city I found?” Gabe and Carley said at the same time “You found a hidden city?!”  Oh yeah, I was in India.  This was after my Army travels and I saved for a summer and went to India at the end of summer.  “Yes, I was in India, do you know where that is?” Carley said yes! my teacher was showing a map of India and Africa, we have a girl that comes from there. It’s on the other side of the world.”  Yes it is I said.  So, there is a city in India called New Delhi.  I took an air plane and landed there.  You see, I’ve always wanted to check out Bangladesh, it’s not far from New Delhi…

Then everything got hazy, then I found myself in a haze.  Somehow I new I was dreaming and I was about to go into another dream with My Grand kids at my side.  It felt safe so I went with it.  When I came out of the haze I was standing in what seemed like the edge of a great desert.  Hardened sandstone at my feet, the sun was an orange ball in the west, it was huge, darkness was close.  In Khaki 6 pocket shorts and a Khaki shirt I found myself walking in the dark along the desert edge. I saw a glow coming from the side of a rolling part of the sandstone hill, as I approached it got brighter and it seemed to be in a dug out ditch or channel with a flat bottom and straight walls about 8 feet deep and about 12 to 15 feet across.  I jumped down into the carved ditch, realizing I was in really good shape, now I know I’m dreaming.  I thought, I’m in the shape I was in when I was 30, this is cool.

Looking forward about 50 feet there was a door with two torches on either side.  There was a man standing guard. No weapons and didn’t seem all that threatening. As I approached the door the man asked me a question, “Are you sure you want to enter?  In this place you might find what your dreams are made of…”  I thought about it for a minute and suddenly I realized I was dreaming and thought, well, I would love to find what my dreams are made of, and suddenly he was gone and the door was open.  I walked thru the carved opening and found it to be more like daylight and it was  a city carved of the same sandstone that was on the other side of the door.  I then had a voice come up and say “not everyone can see what dreams are made of”… This had no bearing on my curiosity.

I walked on the narrow streets and found there were no people, no living beings occupying the city or could they be hiding?  I came on a door, it looked very strange it didn’t open from from the left or right.  This door opened sliding from top to bottom and was half way open.  If I were to enter I would have to climb over this half opened door.  Standing at the door I looked in, I looked to my left and saw an open area with clear water running down from a place I could not see.  This water seemed to be pouring from a pitcher, or at least that was what the flow of the water looked like.

I stepped over the half opened door and walked toward the water… I pondered this water for a moment and then just stepped in.. The rush of clean clear water running over my body was very exciting, the water was cold and it felt like a crisp waterfall.  As I stood under the water I looked across  the room.  To my total amazement there was a being in a waterfall identical to mine only across the room (about 100 feet).  this being was definitely female, only I could not see her face.  She stood under the water face up to the sky only that was obscured by a bright light, the water ran over her body like milk on marble.  She stood with an arched back almost like standing on the balls of her feet with arms reaching up to the sky as if she were holding a pitcher and pouring the crisp cold water over her.

I felt myself drawn to her (not in a sexual manner).  As if I was floating on air I started in her direction as she did in mine.  I vividly remember the feeling for the refreshing water over my body (I was still clothed in Khaki) it was incredible, as we drew closer the brighter the light was getting making me almost squint my eyes.  The closer we came together I felt more free than I ever have… then she spoke only it was more like in my head, it was very clear, (Dad), I could hear the words but could not make them out, (DaD)…   all of the sudden it felt like we joined with a blast of light as I heard the words (I’m sounding them out), Barooch Atahah Adonay and some other words that were not so distinct, the last thing I felt/heard was, your dreams are from God….  (DAD!)

All of the sudden there was Jenn, her hat on sideways just like I had seen a few days before in a picture and looking like she had a good time (in a good way, come on man, it’s my daughter!)…  Dad you ok, I got the kids to bed and you were talking in your sleep… and I opened my eyes where I was sleeping.  I looked around for Jenn or the Grand kids and realized I was dreaming…

I wrote down the words I heard as I keep an pen and journal right next to my bed, or bed roll, depending where I am, and the highlights to the dream in a dream so as not to forget.  It all was so vivid, so real… sometimes I wonder…  There’s allot less pain there, and damn I look good… 🙂

I feel clean today, I feel this infection in my face going away and I must find out if those are actual words… They could be Klingon for all I know.  The words in my head that My dreams of God have me thinking.  Is there some meaning to this, where do I need to look?  I think I’ll pray on this and see where this takes me.

I must be honest, this could all come from my yearning to own and run a Restaurant, and I was looking on Facebook and saw my Grand kids and Daughter in law, and was missing them something powerful.  As well as I put up “I Love God, and I’m proud to say that”…  However, I believe the truth of dreams from God.  My faith is strong and I have no fear of evil.  That was all washed from me when I surrendered…  It all felt so humble, so clean… Just so real…

Well, think what you will, as I share this because I was inspired to when I finished… Geno Called me when I was almost done and I shared it when him, so I feel I should share this with y’all that choose to read… May it inspire God to Bring Dreams to you in Love…

There will be a song about this fo sho….




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