Another One Rides The Bus…

Greyhound, Black and White

Greyhound, Black and White (Photo credit: djupp)

Wow Wow Wow!!!  Yes, I rode the bus and I’m hear to tell ya, it’s not like when I was a kid fo sho!  Ok the last time I rode a bus was a bus to Fort Ord, California.  Before that I was a Kid if 14 taking a bus from New Mexico to Cali.  Well, back then you got Sandwiches and drinks, on Continental Trailways… Well not anymore.  It seems that Greyhound is the only dog in town now for cross country transportation?  And they make sure you know it!

Greyhound Bus Company.  Yes, the one that made it somehow.  The driver was way cool but very strict.  If you for some reason even slide a little from his rules, Yer Off The Bus!!!   Heh, but not being able to move like I did when I a kid and carry a cane to keep from goin down, I get some privileged seating… and talked with the driver all the way to LA,  very cool, indeed…

The riding of the buss is not the fun part.  It’s hanging out in the bus station.  Believe it or not, it was more sane at the Los Angeles bus station than the station in Las Vegas.  LoL!  Ok, not funny but I didn’t know what else to do.  I was sitting there, minding my own, then there was a scuffle in the girls bathroom.  Security goes jammin on in and drag out a couple of Drag Queens.   Well, I guess the two Drag Queens (men) decided to use the girls bathroom and decided to make a big deal with an actual woman for using that bathroom.  Well, Transgender I can understand.  They’re now anatomically correct.  but dudes in dresses don’t count and the police agreed so off to the station they went… But not before they made a huge Drag Queen Deal out of it… WoW!!!  And that was when it was still light.  I was there for another 6 hours and in that time (night time) it was interesting, to say the least.  Between the Drooling and the sudden outbursts for what ever reason, everything else was fairly normal.  Up to and including losing one of my bags.  I watched the dude put it on the bus, but somehow, between the non stop trip, it’s MIA!   hahahaha…

Oh and by the way, even when you watch them put your bags on the bus, they will still vanish!!!  Amazing!!!  other than that it was a pretty cool ride.  The Bus Driver on the first leg, met a kat on the bus coming from LA to Oxnard was pretty good convo.  So, just that you are aware or even care, my personal advise, if your going to travel.  Drive yourself or take a train when you can.  To Date, the Train, is my favorite mode of transportation… Very nice… 🙂

So Now I am in Ventura area.  Camarillo, Oxnard, Moorpark…  More on that story later…

Till then….




One thought on “Another One Rides The Bus…

  1. I’ll never forget that first bus ride buddy. Greyhound from Orlando to Cincinnati at 15. I decided to do the normal thing any smart kid would do while surrounded by every one of America’s most wanted… down a whole bottle of Nyquil of course… too funny. Ironically the return trip found me making the ever better choice…it was my first experience with…yup a little piece of paper on the tongue. Forgive my honesty, but you reminded me of the ol’ greyhound. And considering your fresh understanding of the road via silver eagle, thought it would make ya laugh. Peace!

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