Good Morning World & God Bless Artificial Fruit…

Gotta Love MorningsYa know, since the micro processor has come to be, and probably one of the most famous statements from a keyboard to a screen in program language was, “Good Morning World”… Wow… Well with crooked glasses and a wicked mean sinus infection, It’s Good Morning World…

I woke this morning from yet another awesome dream.  What’s really cool is I was able to put it on hold before waking up.  And if it’s there when I go back to sleep I’m prolly gunna get lucky!!!  Uh, wait, no not like that… I’m just about to find my old wallet… Yes I have a number in there for her… you know, the “her” you never get to catch in your dreams…  Heh, well I caught her and I have her number… Someplace… NO REALLY!!!!    😉

There’s only one thing I can say about Artificial Fruit… Thank You, you people that love fruit so much you make a rubbery looking mass that kinda looks like fruit, and yes in the right light I have reached for the coveted juice-less morsels, You color blending freaks of the pseudo nature… I love ya!!!

Good morning!  the clouds still linger here in Camarillo California… Where in other parts of the world it’s it’s humid hot, dry hot and some are even already in Pools (and it’s only Wednesday)…  Yesss, Wednesday and it’s Stevo’s Birthday Eve… funny to think, somewhere in Gilroy California in a lil farm house, the Mom lady in the living room, was 56 years ago about to bring one of America’s most interesting and prolific singer song writers of our age… Oh, sorry that hasn’t happened yet but hang on to your butt… cause it’s about to!!! 🙂


Good Morning World & and thanks for all the fish… 🙂  Oh,  God bless artificial fruit too…


Love & Peace…




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