Whoa! Hold Your Horses!

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (Photo credit: Keith.Fulton)

Ok, this has nothing to do with horses.  Figure of speech, Stop!  in previous posts I’ve mentioned the several types of Cancers I have.  I also have mentioned the use of herbs and foods to combat this Cancer.  Well, today I was schooled in a big way.  I met and was treated by a Dr. of Chinese Medicine.  Not just an acupuncturist, not an herbololgist, but a Dr and Ph.D of Chinese Medicine.  TCM is the acronym (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  I know I know, what now Stevo, well, I’m about to share all of this and more.

So, it’s already been said, “I’ve been Schooled”.   While I was on the search for Thunder God Vine
as I’ve found a few other herbs to help nourish my body to heal.  So now I have some ammo but how do I use it.  Ya gotta know how to load the darn thing if your gonna shoot it…  I was talking with the Herb Lady at Lassen’s, she guided me to the Chinese Medicine Office down the street.  Well, I gotta tell ya, this Dr was very, very good.  First of all, with all my other ailments she first wanted to know about my pain.  I was like Pain?  I have Cancer forget the pain.  Well, if the pain can be addressed in the  body first, the body can exercise, more natural adrenaline, the immune system is boosted and then the body can fight and win.  Of course this is  all in a nutshell. Spoke with Dr Chen for over an hour on the location of my pain before she treated me.  A pretty
good outline on Chinese Medicine is Here on Wiki, and a pretty cool read.  Dr Yong Ping Chen is probably One of the coolest Dr.’s I’ve ever met.  She was very thorough and very patient.  I felt very comfortable.

Back to the reason I even went there in the first place, to see if I could get info on dose amounts for these herbs.  There are tons of webpages and sites telling you about a fruit or herb that will make you thin and or kills cancer, BUT, if you can find a site to advise you on dosage or quantity, good luck, but I’ve only been on the serious search for about 9 months…  Every Herb I mentioned she warned, yes these in high doses can kill cancer, however (I mean however!),  but THEY CAN BE TOXIC IN HIGH DOSES AND WILL USE YOUR OWN BODY TO POISON YOU…  It slapped me in the face like a brick.  Everything I’d ever head, learned, studied!  How could I’ve left out the concept (word) BALANCE… Balance Balance Balance!

Now, rather than beat myself up, now that I realize the wholeness of what needs to happen, I’m on this!  With the Body/Mind/Spirit Balanced you can do anything.  There are so many variables with cancer and even more with the Human Body.  Everyone of us have a distinct design, our DNA can be similar but we are very very different in many ways.  From Wikipedia: The human body is the entire structure of a human organism, and consists of a head, neck, torso, two arms and two legs. By the time the human reaches adulthood, the body consists of close to 100 trillion cells,[1] the basic unit of life.[2] These cells are organised biologically to eventually form the whole body. With only 100 different types of cancer cells, doesn’t sound so staggering…

100 trillion!

Point.  Not any “body” is the same, as there are many types of treatment for the same cell, it’s your body balance that makes it different.  The difference could be miniscule or substantial.   The statement “don’t give it power of you” is probably the most important but not to overcome any balance.  Here’s where I have the problem.  If you are weak at heart might wanna skip to the next paragraph (heh, I know tempting huh)…  I panic,  and if you’ve ever stood in front of a toilet and watched Grape Juice colored urine flow out the end of your penis, and then, a quarter sized blood clot flops out, well, that shit ain’t supposed to happen.  So you’re standing thinking, well, I guess I have a problem, or like me, “Shit, It’s Back!…  Now I’m in panic mode, I’ve forgotten everything I learned while practicing Whole body Health, Tai Chi, Kung Fu or even younger Kenpo and Shotokan… Anything I’ve learned from friends and Loved ones.  Balance, clam the mind so it can flow with the spirit, the mind and spirit can only meet the body when they are in tune…  If you try to do anything, mentally/physical or Spiritual with out complete balance/harmony, you will spiral back to the beginning, maybe further, wondering what the hell happened.   The panic overtook me to the point I felt desperate. For some reason being told I have tumors on both Kidneys, Liver, Bladder and prostate, then one blood test later, let’s add Leukemia   to the mix,  SNAP!  Oh and lets pile forcing myself  to be homeless because I didn’t want to be a burden… I wonder where that ever came from?  I think I’ll address that later in my sleep…

Grabbing at anything I thought would bring an end to this madness led me to the present state of calm.  In looking for a way to use these “Cancer SuperFoods: I spoke with the Herb Lady at Lassen’s, Oh, here we are back at Lassen’s, Hmm, yes…  There is so much if you try to tackle it all at one time.  Just like the body, gradual changes can only occur naturally with any benefit.  Example, I once was in outstanding shape, a pretty healthy dude.  I then created an environment for things to happen in my body that aren’t so healthy for a long life on this planet.  This happened gradually, slowly over time it took it’s toll.  So there can be no quick fix, actually, there are no real quick fixes for anything, right?  (ok, maybe a finger in the Dyke, but that’s only temporary)…

English: A Yin-Yang symbol transformed into He...

English: A Yin-Yang symbol transformed into Heaven and Earth, with the Chinese characters for each. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is considered that Heaven is Yang and Earth is Yin, so that is how they are represented here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Acupuncture, I had a treatment today and it reduced my pain by over 50 to 70%.   I am set for my second treatment on Friday.  As soon as I can exercise and get my body moving, this is the focus of treatment.  However, when I mentioned Diet and herbs, she told me to concentrate on whole foods.  No red meat, fish is good.  no dairy (at all) water, green tea and green veggies.   When I eat let the body know this is ok for healing and good.  Stay away from eating till I’m full.  Let the body work itself and this is the start.  There is much more.  I’m also seeing a Naturapathic Doctor in Santa Monica.  Making informed and guided decisions are key at this point.  Both Doctors are trusted so I’m on this path.  Both are about balance and letting the body work to heal.  God made this amazing self righting machine to function well always if properly maintained and fueled.  Prayer, (part of the balance) will be the glue that keeps me focused.  Putting myself in panic mode is not healthy, nor will it get the healing done!

So, with all that has happened in the last week.  Reuniting with Family, Friends, Home, I have taken my own advise.  I stand barefoot in the cool grass, both morning and evening.  This is where I pray, this is where I gather balance and thoughts for the day.  I pray that you all take a moment and gather your Balance, Talk with God, give thanks for another day on planet earth and guide us to a better way, until we go home… Not to some strange mystical place or a feared Judgment.  Home…  If you have read this because you have or know someone that has Cancer, or you follow these rambling words.  Take a moment to be the one that stands true, prevent panic (you are a Hero).  What ever treatment you choose will be your choice and your balance.  I hope it is a more natural approach, however, there is no right or wrong way.  Most Cancer treatments today include a diet geared toward keeping the Immune System geared up for what ever treatment… really think about it and do your homework, and find your balance.  With what I’ve learned in the last few days, even the most harmless of herb, done in concentrations to kill cancer (because it can), it’s no different than doing Chemical Chemo Treatments.  Sometimes this may be necessary, I would opt for a natural option than a chemical.  But that’s just me.  You all are in my prayers and with enough of that maybe we can fix the whole deal.

Alright, God Bless & Stay Safe…





10 thoughts on “Whoa! Hold Your Horses!

  1. I’ve been thinking bout ya boss man, glad to see you will be posting from new Diggs… it’s something how life is buddy, but outta all the stuff I support on here by way of stumbling onto… I directly go to the scales of tonic. I hope you’re doing well and getting the goodness that you need and deserve. Be well brother…peace!

    • 🙂 Thanks Brother! Yes indeed, I’m doing well. There are truly challenges at my door step, however God is with me and has a grip on me, he is truly the divine healer. Indeed I have stumbled onto some great stuff here in this space of blogness. I give thanks and have much gratitude for the blessings and the many friends and lessons I have come to here. Hope all is well you my brother, Stay Blessed… 🙂

      • Be sure to give thanks for the challenges, they are what brings us growth. They are every bit the blessing. Hey, God has to keep us on our toes… 🙂

      • Reminds me of nice quote from a smart lady…
        “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” — Elizabeth Kubler Ross

      • I like this lady, I have to look her up. Very wise indeed. All is well here, feeling the treatment I’m undergoing. It is all natural, however my body has to go a bit on the toxic side but only for short periods. Nothing like Chemo. Been there done that, I will never do Chemo again! Be Well My Brother, stay blessed and keep the faith. Peace…

      • Keep up the roads down your way brother… I have you in my heart and prayers. Keep writing, I love to keep up my reading of worthy material. God bless you pal!

      • 🙂 you are too kind my friend… I’ve been down for a bit, whew, I’m back up and I feel pretty OK… 😉 Be well as you are in my prayers and thank you! Peace…

      • Great news brother… I held my cross while reading. But, I wear my cross every minute of my life. “sometimes I go about in pity for myself… and all the while, a gentle breeze carries me across the sky” … my prayers are the breeze, as are yours. Thank you and stay well brother!

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