Do you need a reboot?

Do you need a reboot?.

So I run into this site.  I research every day, and when I can even more.  I caught this Dr. on a NPR late night deal one night.  I was in memory search and remembered what he was saying about fido nutrients or fido chemicals.  Found his website  Packed with info, however, tight budget means I don’t get the secret info.  Great info, Excellent that a Dr. has finally taken interest on how we need to eat.  I don’t mean this in a bad way, but just like a Dr. If you don’t got the Cash, you don’t get the info…

I do, however, recommend if you do have the cash… every thing I read about him is balance and pure nutrition…  Go For It!  His has been highly recommended by Dr Oz (another Doc I respect) This Kat has it down…

Just some info for ya if ya need…


quick edit,  Hey, I don’t mean the cash thing in a bad way.  Man gotta make a livin and I’m well capable of my own research, and doing quite well.  this Dr. Just Nailed it…   Just Say’n…  🙂


Peace & Love…




3 thoughts on “Do you need a reboot?

  1. I seem to remember catching Joel Osteen one Sunday morning and his speech for the day was about humans rebooting. It really was very interesting. 🙂

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