softburst001Hey, well, here we go again.  Been a long time.  Been thru some stuff and survived but that has never been a question for me.  Recovering nicely from Surgery to remove another Tumor.  All good, so we go no… I have much to say but I’m going to think on that for a spell.  Tonight I think I’ll just cut and past a post I did on FaceBook tonight.  Is that cheating… Well, it seemed to be my thought and it has much to do with music so I thought it would be appropriate.    So here goes…

Greetings and Salutations Y’all

I’ve been reading, listening and writing much music, food, diet, living, and other such matters and I’m in the Groove…  Today there was a post on my wall on a Quote by Dave Grohl.  Dave is a great lover of music.  I couldn’t figure out why I felt so, so angry when I read what sounded like a negative attack on music and the channel in which some musicians choose to approach music.  All over the world there are TV shows that have you come and audition your talent to see if you can be the best and Dave was attacking The Voice and Idol.  Well I don’t watch either (well, clips on youTube).  I’m think’n, Dude, chill, they chose to try out, and yes some are turned away, but the same happens in Little League (Ok I flunked out on my first try out but I’m not bitter, Little League that is… LoL!)    Anyway… I thought about it… I was perplexed, because as of last count, Dave was a fairly wealthy dude due to lime light Music and the Industry, call it what you want, Grunge, Indy… it is what it is… an industry and he’s done well, and rightfully so, the man works hard….

So I’ll jump right into this Transcendence.  What is this exactly?  Or more exactly, I have said, Music Transcends All…

to be or go beyond the range or limits of (something abstract, typically a conceptual field or division).
To Rise Above…There are many I could site however Music is, to me, what brings every living soul on this planet to dance together and groove.  There are Musicians of every Ethnic background playing in every corner of the world and we are all tapping our feet… Even if you don’t care for steel drums, I bet if you are in the Caribbean, your tapping your feet sip’n on a MaiTai… Right…So there’s the Video I caught of this gal I saw on a vid of her for American Idol (Lindsey Stirling)…  She was bumped in the semi’s by Piers Morgan, hmmm go figure… Anyway, Being a lover of Violin I’ve been following her music and dance video’s since.  This Video is pretty darn Cool… in fact, the name of the song (Original Song) is Transcendence…

She just put out an album, if ya got the cash, buy it!  It is amazing!

If You watched the Video you will know the musicians were from Paraguay.  They all play instruments that are made from Trash.  The town they live in is on a Land fill.  The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra!  Each of these kids play an instrument hand made from what they can get their hands on.  A wood made Violin, Even a cheap one made here in the US, you would pay more for that than a house on the land fill.  A teacher, and other’s had an Idea, Kids/People are hungry for knowledge.  Even in the most tragic of living conditions, the love of Music Prevails!  I love this!!!  Here is the website… You gotta check this out!

Music Transcends all… Even Poverty!  These kids that live in a way that you or I (or even when I was on the street) could not handle.  Lindsy made a Video with these folks of the Landfill Harmonic.  I was so moved by this I’m working on a way to bring music to all that want to hear it…  Lindsey… You rock keep on doing what you do!

Dave… Well, Here’s a challenge for ya…  How bout you and me get together, write some tunes, put the word out get some other musicians, find a place to play and let it roll.  There’s no auditions, no level restrictions so nobody gets feelings hurt, and we all as musicians band together and align the planets and bring peace to the universe.  Or how bout bringing some love to the inner city kids… I’m willing to volunteer my time (all I got man, I’m broke) every bit of it to teach and preform with kids from all races, no matter how much money, and if you don’t have the money, let’s put our heads together and figure out how to bring these kids that were rejected by The Voice and Idol and show them that being a Musician is not about Money, Lime Light, Status or what kind of car you drive… It’s about the love you bring to a couple watching a sunset, a tear to someone that needs a tear, a smile to a sad one, and most important… The Love of something that Fulfills ones soul and feeds Life… If you accept this challenge Dave Grohl, I’m willing to put it all in, every minute of my time on the cuff, for Music and the Kids that deserve the truth, I’ll get what I need from the love of Music.  I don’t expect you to spend money, the money you make pays your bills I’m sure.  But before you rip into something that is not important… Let’s feed the people of the world and teach them a song to light their world… You rock Brother… and I dig your sound… It’s just an Idea I had… Just say’n… 🙂

So that said, Music feeds my soul and on many occasions has kept me alive with weeks on end of no food…
It’s pretty powerful stuff… It’s everywhere, In the wind, on the wing, in the streams and trees… And when a sweet string moves, you can bet I’ll be following that…

Love and Peace…


There are no words…. Only the pure love that inspires what we call words…


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