Call this one MudGrape… Usually anything that I play has some sort of rhyme or reason… This I just started playing and when I was done with the concept, MudGrape is what came to mind so that is what I called it… Recorded about 2008, who knows when I will refine this recording.  I just had fun with it…  Thanks…


In an effort to keep things tidy, as is were, I’m adding new pages to keep things, well neat… Things just have to be neat…  Right?  🙂 anyway… I’ll be posting My Original Recorded Music on this page…  Hope you enjoy, I do not sell these creations, as they are recorded in a more refined state, I will have them for download.  at this stage, I record one take multi track Concepts…  If you would like any piece of music, just ask I’ll set it for download for you…



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